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The Legal Foundations of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church
The Montenegrin Orthodox Church after the WW2
Restoration of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church
The Saints of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church
Best Wishes from the Ecumenical Patriarch to the Head of Montenegrin Orthodox Church
All Known Prince Bishops (Vladikas) of the Montenrgin Orthodox Church


The Roman Catholic Church in Montenegro

Cathedral of Saint Tryphun in KotorThe archdioceses in the Montenegrin town of Bar is one of the two archdioceses that together with four dioceses cover the territory of FR Yugoslavia and the Former Yugoslav Republic Macedonia. This archdiocese in Bar, is directly responsible to the Holy SEE. 

Despite the challenge by the rival archbishoprics in Dubrovnik and Split, the bishopric in Bar was raised to an archbishopric on January 8th 1089. The Pope (Clement III) issued a bull to Zeta/Doclea King Bodin raising the Bar bishopric to the status of archbishopric, with ten subordinated bishoprics and Archbishop Petar as head. It comprised bishoprics (episkopije): Dukljanska (Barska), Kotorska, Ulcinjska, Svacka, Skadarska, Drivatska, Pulatska (Pilotska), Raška, Bosanska, Zahumska, Travunijska, and all the Dalmatian (Catholic), Greek, and Slavic (in Raska Orthodox Old-Slav speaking bishopric) monasteries. 

The Roman Catholic presence in Montenegro has been very significant through centuries. It is interesting to note that most of the Catholics in contemporary Montenegro, since recently, declare themselves as the Croats (Encyclopedia Britannica ed. 1993).   

Archbishop of Bar: Petar Perkolic, Nadbiskupski Ordinarijat, Popovici 98;  85 000 Bar; tel. (85) 21 706.

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