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All Known Prince Bishops (Vladikas) of the Montenrgin Orthodox Church


To our present knowledge, the catalogueof Montenegrin Vladikas looks as follows: 
  1. Ilarion (1220-42); 
  2. German (only known that he was the second); 
  3. Neofit (1250-70), 
  4. Jevstatije (1270-78), 
  5. Mihailo I (?), 
  6. Andrija (?), 
  7. Jovan (1293-1305), 
  8. Mihajlo II (1305-19), 
  9. Jevtimije (1405), 
  10. Arsenije (1405-17), 
  11. David (1424), 
  12. Teodosije (before 1446), 
  13. Josif (1453), 
  14. Visarion I (1482-85), 
  15. Pahomije I (1491), 
  16. Vavila (1493-95; mentioned in Oktoih (1494); Metropolitan Vavila, was the first Metropolitan of Cetinje's monastery after the departure of Crnojevic's), 
  17. German II(1520, who was, according to Petar I, installed by Djuradj Crnojevic after he had left Montenergo), 
  18. Pavle (1530), 
  19. Vasilije I (attended Ohrid gathering- 1532), 
  20. Nikodim (1540), 
  21. Romil (1540-59), 
  22. Makarije (1560), 
  23. Ruvim I (1561), 
  24. Pahomije II (Komanin) (1569), 
  25. Gerasim (1575) 
  26. Venijamin (1582-91),
  27. Nikanor and Stevan (1591)
  28. Ruvim II Boljevic (Njegus) (1593-1636), 
  29. Mardarije I (Kornecanin) (1639-1649 or 51), 
  30. Visarion (1649), 
  31. Mardarije II (Kornecanin) (1659) 
  32. Ruvim III (Boljevic) (1673-85),
  33. Vasilije
  34. Visarion II Bajica (1685-92), 
  35. Sava (tije) I Kaludjericic from Ocinici (1694-97), 
  36. Danilo Scepcev Petrovic (1697-1735-founder of Petrovic' dynasty) 
  37. Sava Petrovic (1735-81) 
  38. Vasilije Petrovic (1750-66; co-ruled with Sava), 
  39. Arsenije Plamenac (1781), 
  40. Petar I Petrovic Njegos (St Petar of Cetinje) (1782-1830),
  41. Petar II Petrovic Njegos (1830-1851)
  42. Nikanor Ivanovic Njegus (1858-60; the first Vladika after centuries to only serve religious function), 
  43. Ilarion Roganovic (1860-82), 
  44. Visarion Ljubisa (1882-85), 
  45. Mitrofan ban (1885-1920); Mitrofan ban was the last Metropolitan (Vladika) of Authocephalous Montenegrin Orthodox Church before it was abolished by the decree of Regent Alexander of Serbia in 1920. On the 25th anniversary of Mitrofan's ban service as a Vladika, he received many best wishes, and among others were the best wishes sent by His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Joakim III. 
  46. ...........

  47. Antonije Abramovic (1993-1996)
  48. Mihailo Dedeic



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