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History of Montenegro  
The origins
Doclea (Duklja)-Vojislavljevics' rule (IX-1186)
Nemanjic period (1186-1356)
Zeta (Duklja)-Balsics' rule (1356-1427)
Old Montenegro (Nahije) - map
Vladikas' (Prince Bishops') rule (1516-1697)
Petrovic dynasty (1697-1918)-Vladika Danilo
Scepan the Small (1767-1773)
Petar I Petrovic (St.Peter of Cetinje)(1782-1830)
Petar II Petrovic Njegos, (1830-1851)
Prince Danilo (1852-1860)
King Nikola I (1860-1918)
Unification with Serbia-Podgoricas' Assembly (1918)
Montenegro in Yugoslavia (1918-1992)
Montenegrin Old Arms
Old Arms
'Prijestonice od kamena, Crna Goro, Luco, Istorijo;jedina ti je vrijednost covjek i njegovo dostojanstvo, a jedina tvoja istinska istorija nepokornost zlu i  vjera u eticku vrijednosti, zbir tvoje duhovnosti'.
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