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Petar Piletic

I have read the history of Montenegro from this site,
and generally concurr with what you have selected from
numerous sources, although it must be said that your
anti-Serbian stance in this general history of the
Montenegrin people is very disturbing to anyone who
has any clue about Montenegro. This is especially true
of the mockery of the Serb diocese of Cetinje that is
more familiarly known as the "autocephalous
Montenegrin Orthodox church", as both you and I know
that this is indeed heresy by any Orthodox canon, and,
note You, that it was never recognized by any of the
other Orthodox churches of the world, including the
Russian, Serb, Romanian, and Greek.

 It is really sad to see the pathetic attempts of the
regime of Djukanovic to wrest the nationality of the
Montenegrins from their true Serb roots, with
deceitful stories of "Greater Serbia", "oppression of
Montenegrin interests", and "denial of a Montenegrin
nation". The TRUTH, no matter how you wish to write
it, is that the Montenegrins are an integral part of
the Serb nation, just like the Bosnian and Serbian
Serbs, and that to separate them on the fake grounds
of "greater national interests" is just covering up of
the narrow personal and political interests in the
pursuit of material wealth that would be gained if
Montenegro were to become independent.

The fact is that the people of Montenegro have always
aspired to be united with Serbia, even your precious
Knjaz and King Nikola, who was at odds with the
Karadjordjevici out of political interest, rather than
national. If you are such a nation apart as you say,
now claiming to even have a language of your own,
please translate "Gorski Vijenac" from Serbian into
A great site, I must add, a very good source of
information for Montenegro.

In hopes of keeping the Serbs united as a people in
the face of enormous difficulties that we now face, I
send you brotherly greetings and wish you and this
site, a prosperous future.

Sincerely, Petar Piletic, born in USA, but a member of
the Drobnjak clan from Mokro, village near Savnik. 


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