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Montenegro Forum UK:
The Evening with Milka Tadic of the Montenegrin Independent Weekly 'Monitor'

The members and friends of the Montenegro Forum UK will have an opportunity to meet Milka Tadic, a prominent  Montenegrin independent journalists and a long-standing director and editor of the 'Monitor'. 

This will be an opportunity to hear Ms Tadic's assessment of the progress of negotiations between Podgorica and Belgrade about the status of Montenegro, prospects of the spring referendum for independence, economic and political reforms etc.

Following the presentation Montenegro Forum members will be able to ask questions and discuss further any issues of interest.

  The meeting will take place on:
Sunday, 3 February '02 
starting at 7.30 pm
in 'The Grove' Restaurant
83 Hammersmith Grove
London, W6 0NQ. 
Tel: 0208 748 2966

Members and friends of the Montenegro Forum UK who are unable to attend Ms Tadic's presentation on Sunday, will have an opportunity to listen her presentation the following day, courtesy of the Bosnian Institute. Namely, Ms Tadic is scheduled to take part in the Institute's  regular 'bi forums' under the title 'Montenegro Before Referendum' on Monday 04 February, 2002,  in The Boardroom, University of Westminster, 307-309 Regent Street, W1 (for more detail see  http://www.bosnia.org.uk/events/events_body.cfm?eventsID=119).

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