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Jan Blaha
                                             To The Montenegrin People ! ( a wiew from Norway )
 I do observe the unvillingness by some to take the responcebility to lett THE PEOPLE in free and democratic ways make a decision on Montenegros future.
 From outside by EU and USA, and different countries, all with their own agenda, but dearly protecting own democratic rights to use the democratic rights of voting for own future.
   From groups and people inside Montenegro and in Serbia, who on one side has shaped a new more democratic and promissing  ( ? )  future, ...but will deny the people of Montenegro to do the same.
   I have seldom seen so much provocations, manipulations and treats to avoid hearing the voice of the whole people in unpressioned decissions for what they should find their best way to a future of equality and respect for their choosen way.
       Lett the people, in the way of democratic countries and well known laws of voting, say their will, and make their decision. It should NOT be SO difficult to sett up the alternatives, and later count their votes. 
 When it so go one way or other, let it so bee. And should future change, new situations emerge, be it inside or outside a common Europe, let them to, as evereybody else in the future system, take part in the hopefully ever renewing and prospering democaties that will work for finding the best economic and human right life.
 Only by the will of the majority we can have a good future, never by pressuring the same majority to accept the treats and manipulatings from inside or outside, for making undercover forces a chance to stay or gain powers that is less than democratic, and a seed for future confrontations.
   I hope to see FREE referendum, I hope to see acceptances of the results, I look forward to see whatever the outcome, an equal and respected coexistence among the people of the rest of Yugoslavia, AND the others in former Yugoslavia in a peacefull Balkan as a part of democratic and non waring Europe for a long, long time to come !
 sincerely a friend  
        Jan Blaha    
 of Bergen, Norway
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