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Luka Vukotic 
Re: An Open Letter to General Wesley Clark
Dear Mr. Kent,

I suppose one letter cannot contain all aspects of the Kosovo war.
You concentrated on the commander of the operation, gen. Clark and
the suffering of people of Serbia in this war. I cannot agree more with you 
on this matter.

However, I am eagerly expecting your next letter in which you
will explain the reasons, or the lack of them for this war.
Also, please make an analysis what would have happened with Kosovars,
if Milosevich had not been stopped by the force. Has all of that
anything to do with the massacres Milosevic's troups commited
in Bosnia and Croatia? Didn't he started the same horrible crimes in
Kosovo immediately before the bombing? Could that have proved
NATO barbaric bombing? Perhaps not. The question of what the alternative
was arises. Could Japanese military have been stopped without the A-bomb
or German nazism without savage bombing of Berlin, Dresden, ...
I am sure it could, but the world would have paid much higher price.

I suppose, it is impossible to talk about a suffering of
only one country or people in the Balkans. Our destinies are
intertwined. If you make a comment on the Balkan affairs,
please try to balance arguments.




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