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Jan Blaha 
My Strong "Provocation"
 Dear honourable Montenegrin Friends !
 I am sorry to say, that the pressure from the west, the treats, the demands and the manipulations, taken up and used for ALL its worth
 by both some people in Serbia and the " For Yugoslavia" ones in Montenegro, have created false hopes and changed the belife in the
 From a greate persent of belivers for a free and democratic Montenegro, the enormus pressure made have made the people afraid to loose
 out an economic future inside an EU system, just because they ( or many, as the serbian old friends France, especialy ) have told that
 they oppose it.
 As far as I can tell, Montenegro has done ALL to follow up the democratic rules of how EU and their democraty should work, a lot more
 than the serbians with their inner quarrels and unstability, and their people, ( as inside Montenegro too ) posibibility to unleash the old
 Milosevic system and its people of living in dreams of begone days.
 US and partly EU has a long history of playing ( and riding ) lame horses, put their money on individuals and groups who later "put a
 knife in their backs", and are short sighted in finding friends that lasts and have an intenational and including history, as Montenegro is
 famus for. They do not use time to learn their history, they have not the ability to see the different ways of culture and belifs, and
 can't go under the skinn of other people, but treat all as they should think as themself. Then they will have wrong impressions, and the
 results will often be horrusly wrong.
 In my wiew the voters in Montenegro should take a stand based on what international laws, rules and conventions demands. By doing that,
 the outher friends and foes would have to defend the stance, or be laughtable in the whole worlds eyes. Ther MUST be full equility, the
 democratic freedom, and the trust on ALL to fullfit the standard of those laws, rules and conventions. And openly tell, if following
 them, they will have the accept, backup and help as a member of that democraty the free world build their future on.
 To change the ways of meeting treats and demands, will only be like showing a mad dog that you are afraid, and chance to be badly
 To choose soveregnity or some kind of close or more light co-operation, directly or in future with all former Yugoslav states, is a right all
 must take on their own understanding and will, NOT because anyone else do try to frighten you, or put you under pressure. A state,
 group or person who do such to other can not have a clean soul, and must not be trusted. Europe and US MUST respect the will of the
 people, and if the result is sovereignity, MUST help when done on the standard used in Europe Union and US ( except last Florida " old
 fashioned blamish " on missheap last year. 
 We in the so called enlightened world of modern democraties can not allow ourself to be fouled in history as examles has showed us in
 many "advetures" of provocating interfeering into other countries democraty gaines or growing to full and stable states. History is full of
 the bad results that have given us, in the east, midle east, latin america and many other places where new democraties could and shold
 have grown to enlighted and stable, rich states, but has been left in limboes of dictatures, broke state economy, and death.
 I have thru time tried to enlight some ( be it inside EU and US ) on the history of Montenegro, the hopes, the rights and most of all my
 experiences with the proudnes one find in many slav groups, and the need to understand the respect and culture their history is build on.
 To tell them of one of Europes oldest free states thru history, the openness to the surounding states, and the ability to give EVERYONE
 a secure stay when wars and inhumanity drove individuals and groups from their homes in nearby war riden areas. Some listen and
 answers/discus, others just listens, and many have seecret agendaes and would not "show the hand", maybe because its dirtied with plays
 on the side of the rules. But still, educating the bunch is better than hold your mouth shut, or trying to manipulate with lies,...then you
 some time in future will be facing the damnation of history.
 SO,...please stand by your belife and hope. Should you decide to be in any union with Serbia inside a kind og Yugoslavia, be shure you
 are in full accordance to whole equality. Remember the difference in being slav people,..and beeing slaves to a stronger bunch of
 individuals who seek power for powers sake. It is not only a learning of history, but a real problem, even in the west theese days where
 "strong men" change the laws in the shadow of treatening terror, but CAN use it to gain full controll facsist style if they get it TO
 easy, that is a human weakness shown again and again.
 So I cross my fingers, for my Montenegrin friends, and for my Serb friends, both will with a clean slate, find back to co-operations
 where ballanced contracts and equal rights will be far better than manipulatet and shadowly agendaes made by outher or inner foes.
 Sincerely yours
                                 Jan Blaha
                              of Bergen, Norway
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