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Alida Weber 
Exactly what the U.S. is doing to Yugoslavia...
(Sta Amerika, zapravo, cini vasoj zemlji...)

Here is an article that we would like you to read. However, let us first emphasize that we do not wish
to become involved in Yugoslav internal politics, nor do we take any position either for or against any
individual or party. We believe that these decisions should be made by the citizens of Yugoslavia, and
that no one else, especially not the U.S. and NATO governments, has any right to interfere. 

Indeed, the U.S. government, and its European allies, are continuing their attempts to control
Yugoslav internal affairs by means of threats, empty promises, and blackmail.

We believe that this article highlights some very important issues that are worth considering, no
matter whether you happen to be a supporter or an opponent of Mr. Milosevic or the SPS. We
particularly want you to understand exactly what the U.S. government is doing to your country, and
that is our purpose in sending you this article.


T.V. & Alida Weber

Chicago, IL 


                      URL for this article is http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/fools2.htm

                                     [Emperor's Clothes]


     Socialist Party of Serbia blasts the "Washington-has- Yugoslavia-
     over-a-barrel" argument. [31 May 2001]

Yugoslav authorities - including Voyislav Koshtunitsa and Zoran Djindjic - are going all out to push a
law through the Yugoslav Federal Parliament. 

That law would legalize cooperation with the notorious Hague War Crimes Tribunal. The
Montenegrin Socialists, who hold the decisive votes in Parliament, have so far held firm against this

Meanwhile, many Yugoslavs believe the claim made by the Belgrade authorities that if Yugoslavia
does not help railroad Yugoslav leaders to the Hague Tribunal, the U.S. will prevent a June Donors'
Conference from giving Yugoslavia much-needed aid.

People are being tricked, says the Socialist Party of Serbia. Here's their scathing refutation of the "we
have to do it because we're being financially blackmailed" argument.

-- Jared Israel

                                  WE ACCUSE: 

                   * Socialist Party of Serbia Statement, 31 May * 

For the leaders of a country to tell the people in that country that they should extradite patriots in
exchange for money from the forces which have bombed that country - is an outrage.

But for leaders of a country to pretend that they are getting money from the bombers when they
know perfectly well they are not - to tell the people that they should support the jailing of their
patriots in exchange for money which these leaders know does not exist - this is the worst treason.

The present authorities in Belgrade are guilty of treason.

No Donors' Conference has ever given any money to any country. The term "Donors'' is itself a
deception. The proper title is ''Creditors' Conference.'' If a "Donors' Conference" takes place in June
it will be a meeting of the banks that claim Yugoslavia owes them money. The purpose of that
meeting, like the purpose of all Donors' Conferences, will be to plan how to sell Yugoslav property so
they can get back the money they claim they are owed as quickly as possible.

To whom will they sell Yugoslav industries to get their money? To themselves basically. 

How much will they sell it for? Pennies on the dollar. 

How much of the so-called Yugoslav debt will get paid in this way? Very little.

What will happen to the industry that the 'Donors' scoop up in this fashion? Wherever such industries
might compete with some industry from the 'Donor' countries, the factories will be closed down. 

Let us take an example that occurred in Hungary, a country whose leaders have more than
cooperated with the U.S. The U.S. firm, General Electric, bought the big light bulb factory in
Hungary and closed it down. Now Hungarians have to buy light bulbs imported by GE.

This has happened in dozens of countries. 

Donors' Conferences helped plan the devastation of the economies of:

     * Ukraine - went from the bread basket of Europe to being dependent on Western surplus

     * Bulgaria - industry stripped and shut down) 

     * Russia - wages fell almost 90% overnight) 

     * Vietnam - after the "Donors' Conference" its industry was stripped to raise the money to pay
     off 'debts'. This was particularly vicious because those 'debts' had been accumulated by the
     puppet regime of South Vietnam. South Vietnam incurred the 'debts' when it bought weapons
     from the U.S. to fight Vietnamese patriots!

That's what a Donors' Conference does. 

Sometimes the real work takes place after the official Conference is over, in meetings of the so-called
Paris and London Clubs, which are made up, respectively, of big commercial and national banks
from the US and Europe. 

But one thing no Donors' Conference has ever, anywhere in the world done is give 1 billion dollars -
or in fact any money - to a country which supposedly owes these banks money. If they do lend any
money on paper they immediately take it away.

That is, a little money may be lent with one hand, but it will be immediately taken away with the
other hand, to "repay the debt." 

This has already happened with millions of dollars supposedly "given" to Yugoslavia by the
international community. As is reported in a text by Dr. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: "

     "The [IMF] Board approved a loan [of] US $151 million under the IMF's policy on emergency
     post-conflict assistance in support of a program to stabilize the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's
     economy and help rebuild administrative capacities. Of this amount, the [Belgrade] authorities
     will draw... US $130 million to repay the bridge loans they received [from Switzerland and
     Norway] to eliminate arrears with the IMF."" (Quoted in "Economic Terrorism,"
     <http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/choss/eco1.htm>by Dr. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky)

In other words, the authorities in Belgrade borrowed money from Switzerland and Norway to pay
money owed to the IMF. Then they borrowed money from the IMF - and that was used to pay
Switzerland and Norway! 

This is a con game.

Sometimes the truth about the phony "Donors' Conferences" leaks out. Consider this excerpt from a
'Reuters' news dispatch. 'Reuters' lists all the terrible things that will happen if Yugoslavia does not
cooperate. The first thing is:

     1. "The US will oppose Yugoslav loans and assistance from international financial institutions
     such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. At stake will be a planned $260
     million loan from the IMF to back up reform of an economy on the verge of collapse after years
     of sanctions and warfare."

NOTE that they speak of loan not gift. No donation here! 

Based on the evidence from past experience, this money may never be loaned. And even if it were
loaned, it would immediately be used to pay back part of the supposed debt. No money would go to
the economy or reach ordinary people. And then the $260 million that we never received would have
to be paid back by selling our industries, by agreeing to purchase shoddy goods from the NATO
countries and by agreeing to laws that eliminated social services in our country.

That is why every country that has relied on these phony loans has suffered. 

For 8 years we had no loans. Plus we had sanctions. But Rumania and Bulgaria which had no
sanctions and which had loans lost all their industry and now their unemployed come to Yugoslavia
looking for work. 

We will always be better off helping ourselves than being saddled with parasites from the
International Monetary Fund and World Bank who are in business to strip countries like ours of
everything we have sweated to build.

Here's the second 'disastrous' consequence of not cooperating with Washington:

     2. "[This will mean putting off] Belgrade's plans to start negotiating a debt settlement with the
     Paris Club of sovereign creditors and commercial banks of the London Club... Of its total $12.2
     billion external debt, Yugoslavia owes some $5 billion to the Paris Club and around $3 billion to
     the London Club." ('Reuters', April 2, 2001) 

So the "international community" claims Yugoslavia owes it at least $12 billion (US). And if
Yugoslavia does not hand over Milosevic it will not have the pleasure of stripping all its industry to
repay this debt. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

And how does the "international community" figure that Yugoslavia owes it $12.2 billion dollars?
This is almost entirely interest on debts supposedly owed by the now nonexistent Yugoslav Socialist
Republic. Here is a news report from Dec. 31, 1992, which explains it all:

     "From: 'Facts on File World News Digest,' December 31, 1992 

     "Headline: IMF Revokes Yugoslavia's Membership 

     "Text: The International Monetary Fund December 15 revoked Yugoslavia's membership and
     apportioned the country's foreign debt among what the financial institution designated as
     Yugoslavia's five successor republics. The IMF took the action on the grounds that Yugoslavia
     had ceased to exist as a legal entity. 

     "Yugoslavia's foreign debt was about $15 billion, including $217 million owed to the IMF and
     $2 billion owed to the World Bank.

     "A total of 36.5% of the debt was apportioned to Serbia-Montenegro, the new Yugoslav
     federation, which the IMF treated as a single republic. Croatia was deemed to owe 28.5% of the
     debt; Bosnia-Herzegovina, 13.2%; Slovenia, 16.4%; and Macedonia, 5.4%."

     [End of 'Facts on File' news dispatch]

So in 1992, the IMF simply decided to say that the Federal Republic owed 5.475 billion US dollars.
Since it now says we owe over $12 billion, that means that almost $7 billion of the supposed debt is
interest! And when did that interest get charged? 

That interest got charged during the years of sanctions imposed by the same international community
that now claims we owe all this interest!

Those sanctions hurt the Yugoslav economy to the tune of billions of dollars U.S. 

By what right do these men, who starved Yugoslavia with sanctions, costing us billions, and then
bombed Yugoslavia, causing us at least $60 billion in damage not to mention the incalculable cost in
human death and suffering, the pain of relatives who lost loved ones, the psychological damage to
children, forced to hide in shelters from bombs, the long term damage of depleted uranium - how
dare these starvers and bombers now claim that Yugoslavia owes them money? 

Who are these men?

A Donors' Conference would give no money to Yugoslavia.

The only result would be: devastation of the Yugoslav economy. The Donors would order a forced
sale of Yugoslavia's precious industries for pennies on the dollar to the same bankers who make up
the Donors' Conference. 

And when it was all over, the debt would still be there. 

Because the money raised would be too little - as it is always too little, in every country where these
bankers have imposed this scam - to pay the debt. Because you see that is the whole idea. They use
the inflated debt to get hold of the industry, and when it is all over, they leave the country stripped of
all it sweated for years to build, of everything except - billions of dollars in debt.

We would gain nothing from this Donors' Conference.

But some things would be gone. 

Our industry would be gone. 

Our pride would be gone. 

Our honor would be gone. 

And our patriots, they would be gone as well, starting with Mr. Milosevic, but not ending with him.
Not ending with him.

Let us not follow this fool's gold chase proposed by the present authorities in Belgrade. Let us rely on
ourselves, on our integrity and our own hard work. Let us trade with friends, not with thieves who
try to break us with the fake lure of suckers' gold.

When they speak of the urgency of this Donors' Conference, the present authorities in Belgrade
speak with passion. 

Their passion is real. 

But it is not because they fear that if we do not go along with their proposals, Yugoslavia will lose
money that it needs. On the contrary, they fear that if they do not produce for their masters in
Washington, they will be punished. 

For Washington has no friends, only future victims. 

Washington has laid down the law to these Belgrade authorities. 

It has told them: you are taking too much time. Give us Milosevic. Give us the patriots of the
Yugoslav Army. Give us those who fought us in Bosnia and Croatia. Give them to us NOW. And
give us everything of value in Yugoslavia. 

Because if you do not we will take you - the DOS leaders - in their place.

- SPS, 31 May 2001


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with writers, to check the accuracy of information and sometimes to translate articles. Using overseas
calls we were able to stay in constant touch with the unarmed witnesses guarding Mr. Miloshevich's
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Note: If you mail a donation or make one by secure server, please let us know by email at
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Thank you for reading Emperor's Clothes! 

                                     [Emperor's Clothes]

Sta Amerika, zapravo, cini vasoj zemlji...

Ispred vas je clanak koji treba da procitate ali, pre svega hocemo da naglasimo da ne zelimo da se
mesamo u unutrasnju politiku Jugoslavije niti zelimo da 'drzimo stranu ' bilo kojoj partiji. Takodje, ni
Amerika kao takva nema prava da cini isto.

Americka vlada i evropska alijansa nastavlaju da kontrolisu jugoslovenske unutrasnje afere kroz
pretnje, lazna obecanja i ucene.

Mi verujemo da ovaj clanak naglasava neka vrlo vazna pitanja o kojima treba razmisljati bez obzira
da li podrzavate ili ne Milosevica i SPS. 

Ono sto mi zelimo od vas jesta da razumete sta Amerika, zapravo, cini vasoj zemlji! 


T.V. & Alida Weber

Chicago, IL

(Prevela na srpski Slavica P.)




                                    [Carevo Novo Odelo] 


      Socijalisticka partija Srbije se obrusava na tezu "da Vasington drzi Jugoslaviju na nisanu". 

                                        4. jun 2001. 

Vlasti Jugoslavije, ukljucujuci Vojislava Kostunicu i Zorana Djindjica, upinju se iz sve snage da proteraju zakon kroz Jugoslovensku
skupstinu. Ovaj zakon bi legalizovao saradnju sa notornim Haskim tribunalom za ratne zlocine u Jugoslaviji. Socijalisti Crne Gore, koji u
Skupstini drze odlucjuce glasove, do sada su se cvrsto drzali protivu uvodjenja ovoga zakona. 

U medjuvremenu, mnogi Jugosloveni veruju da navodi beogradskih vlasti, da ako Jugoslavija ne preda jugoslovenske vodje Haskom
tribunalu, SAD ce spreciti junsku konferenciju donora da pruzi Jugoslaviji toliko potrebnu pomoc. 

Narod je obmanut, kaze Socijalisticka partija Srbije. Dole je navedena ostra izjava Socijalisticke partije, kojom se pobija argument da " mi to
moramo da ucinimo zato sto smo finansijski ucenjeni". 

-- Dzered Izrael 

                              IZDAJNICKA LAZ! 

                         Izjava Socijalisticke partije Srbije 4. jun 2001.

Zlocin je kada vodje jedne zemlje kazu svom narodu da moraju da zrtvuju svoje patriote kako bi dobili novcanu pomoc od zemalja koje su
ih bombardovale.

Ali kada te iste vodje dobro znaju da novcane pomoci od bombardera nece biti, ali se svejedno pretvaraju i govore narodu da mora da
podrzi zatvaranje patriota - u zamenu za nepostojeci novac - onda je to izdaja najgore vrste.

Za tu izdaju su odgovorne sadasnje vlasti u Beogradu. 

Ni jedna donatorska konferencija nikada nikom nije dala ni prebijene pare. Izraz "donatori" je floskula. Pravilnije bi bilo reci "Konferencija
potrazilaca." Ako se "Donatorska konferencija" i ordzi ovog juna, bice to sastanak bankara koji tvrde da im Jugoslavije duguje ogromne
svote novca. Svrha ove donatorske konferencije, kao i svake druge u proslosti, je pravljenje plana rasprodaje jugoslovenske imovine,
kako bi potrazioci mogli da naplate dugove na koje polazu prava sto je brze moguce. 

Kome ce se ta imovina prodavati? U sustini, potraziocima. Po kojoj ceni? U bescenje. Koliko ce jugoslovenskog duga tako biti otplaceno?
Vrlo malo. Sta ce se desiti sa preduzecima koje ce "donatori" na ovaj nacin da preuzmu? Ako njihova roba bude konkurencija proizvodina
iz "donatorskih" zemalja, ona ce se zatvorit

Ovakav scenario nije izuzetak. Donatorske konferencije su prethodile razaranju privrednih sistema Ukrajine (koja je od zitnice Evrope
postala zavisna od "viskova" hrane sa Zapada), Bugarske (koja je izgubila gotovo svu industriju), Rusije (gde su plate skoro preko noci
pale preko 90%) i Vijetnama. U ovom poslednjem slucaju, posle "donatorske konferencije" je industrija rasprodana kako bi se skupio
novac za otplatu dugova propale marionetske vlade Juznog Vijetnama, koja je stvorila dug kupovinom americkog oruzja za borbu protiv
vijetnamskih patriota!

Eto za sta sluze donatorske konferencije. Ponekad se najveci deo posla obavi posle sluzbenih sastanaka, na vecanjima ztv. Pariskog i
Londonskog kluba, koji cine velike privatne banke i drzavne banke iz Evrope i SAD. Jedna stvar koju ni jedna donatorska kopnferencija,
nigde na svetu, nikada nije ucinila je da zemlji koja im navodno duguje novac pokloni mijilardu dolara. Ako na papiru i udele neki dinar,
odmah ce ga uzeti nazad u ime naplate dugova - sa kamatama, naravno.

Jednom rukom daju, a drugom otimaju kako bi "otplatili dugove."

Ovo se vec dogodilo sa milionima dolara koje je medjunarodna zajednica navodno "dala" Jugoslaviji. Profesor Misel Cosudovski pise:


     "Odbor MMF-a je odobrio zajam u iznosu od 151 miliona americkih dolara na osnovu politike hitne posleratne
     pomoci, kako bi podrzao program stabilizacije privrede SRJ i obnove administrativnih sposobnosti. Od ove sume,
     vlasti [u Beogradu] ce da odvoje 130 miliona dolara za otplatu zajmova koje su primile [od Svajcarske i
     Norveske] kako bi isplatile zaostala dugovanja MMF-u." (Ekonomski Terorizam, prof. dr. Misel Cosudovski)

Drugim recima, Beograd je pozajmio novac od Svajcarske i Norveske kako bi platio MMF-u, a onda pozajmio novac od MMF-a kako bi
platio Svajcarskoj i Norveskoj! I tako u krug…

Ponekad istina o laznoj "donatorskoj konferenciji" procuri u javnost. Jedan izvestaj Rojtersa nabraja sve stravicne posledice moguce
jugoslovenske neposlusnosti: 

     SAD ce blokirati sve zajmove i pomoc Jugoslaviji od strane medjunarodnih institucija, kao sto su MMF i Svetska Banka. Planirani
     zajam MMF-a od 260 miliona dolara, namenjen da podrzi privredu na rubu kolapsa posle godina sankcija i rata, ce biti doveden u
     [NAPOMENA: Ovde se priznaje da je rec o zajmu, a ne poklonu. Dakle, nije rec ni o kakvim donacijama. Svaka zemlja koja se
     oslanjala na ovakve zajmove je zbog toga strasno propatila. Za proteklih osam godina, mi nismo uzimali zajmove. Bugarska i
     Rumunija jesu. Zato su izgubile celokupnu industriju i pocele da salju svoje drzavljane u Jugoslaviju, u potragu za poslom. Nama
     ce uvek biti bolje ako pomazemo samima sebi, bolje nego ako se budemo oslanjali na parazite iz Svetske Banke i MMF-a, ciji je
     posao da otimaju od zemalja kao sto je nasa sve sto smo svojom krvlju i znojem stvorili.] 
     "[Ovo ce da odlozi] planove Beograda da pocne sa pregovorima o prerasporedjivanju isplata dugova Pariskom klubu potrazilaca,
     kao i Londonskom klubu komercijalnih bankara. 
     "Od celokupnog duga u iznosu od 12,2 milijardi dolara, Jugoslavija duguje nekih 5 milijardi Pariskom i oko 3 milijarde Londonskom
     klubu." (Rojters, 2. aprila 2001.) 

Zajam od 260 miliona dolara koji Jugoslavija ocekuje od donatorske konferencije verovatno nikada nece ni stici do Jugoslavije. A ako ga
kojim slucajem MMF i odobri, odmah ce biti preusmeren u otplatu navodnog stranog duga. Ni dinar nece stici do gradjana, ili do privrede.

Nadalje, ako Jugoslavija ne bude "saradjivala," nece imati zadovoljstvo da pocne sa otplatama nekih 12 milijardi dolara, za koje
"medjunarodna zajednica" tvrdi da cine nas ukupni strani dug. Ako Slobodan Milosevci ne bude izrucen, SRJ nece imati zadovoljstvo
razaranja vlastite privrede kako bi platila stranim zelenasima. Zar to nije strasno?

Otkud uopste "medjunarodnoj zajednici" ideja da Jugoslavija duguje 12 milijardi dolara? Novinski izvestaj iz decembra 1992. objasnjava:

     "MMF je 15. decembra povukao clanstvo Jugoslavije i podelio strani dug te zemlje na drzave koje je ova
     institucija naznacila kao legalne naslednice SFRJ. MMF je preduzeo ove mere na osnovu zakljucka da je SFRJ
     prestala da postoji kao pravno lice.

     Strani dug SFRJ j iznosio oko 15 milijardi dolara, od toga 217 miliona duga MMF-u i dve milijarde duga Svetskoj

     Ukupno 36,5% duga je dodeljeno Srbiji i Crnog Gori, koje cine novu jugoslovensku federaciju, pa ih je MMF
     tretirao kao jednu republiku. Hrvatski dug je procenjen na 28,5% dug Bosne i Hercegovine na 13,2%; Slovenije
     na 16,4%, a Makedonije na 5,4%."

Te 1992. je MMF odlucio da SRJ duguje 5,475 milijadi dolara. Posto sada kaze da taj dug iznosi 12 milijardi, ispada da su nekih 7 milijardi
dolara iskljucivo kamate! Te kamate su, naravno, nagomilane tokom godina pod sankcijama, nametnutim od strane te iste medjunarodne
zajednice koja sada tvrdi da smo im duzni!

Sankcije su nanele jugoslovenskoj privredi stetu koja se meri milijardama dolara. S kojim pravom ove drzave, koje su Jugoslaviju dovele na
rub gladi a nasu privredu na prag kolapsa – koje su nas bombardovale, nanoseci materijalnu stetu od oko 60 milijardi dolara povrh
neprocenjive stete u ljudskim zivotima, psiholoskim traumama i dugorocnim efektima trovanja osiromasenim uranijumom – kako se sada
ovi zlikovci usudjuju da zahtevaju od Jugoslavije da im za to plati?!

Jugoslavija od Donatorske konferencije nece dobiti nikakve pare. 

Jedini njen rezultat bi bilo potpuno unistenje nase privrede, nasilna prodaja preostalih industrijskih kapaciteta za sitan kusur onim istim
bankarima koji cine Donatorsku konferenciju. Posle svega toga, dug bi jos uvek bio tu. Novac koji bi se stekao ovom rasprodajom ne bi
bio dovoljan da ga otplati. O tome se i radi – novca nikad nema dovoljno, i to vrlo namerno. U svakoj zemlji koja je pala u ovu zamku,
pretnja dugom je upotrebljena kako bi se unistila domaca privreda. Kad se to jednom postigne, bankari odu iz ocerupane i ojadjene zemlje,
ostavljajuci sa sobom samo jos veci dug.

Donatorska konferencija nam nece doneti nikakvu dobit. Naprotiv, zbog nje cemo samo da izgubimo. Izgubicemo nasu industriju.
Izgubicemo ponos i cast. Izgubicemo i nase patriote, pocev od g. Milosevica – mada se stvari nece zavrsiti na tome. Milosevic nece biti
kraj, vec samo pocetak.

Ne dozvolimo sebi da nas zavara potraga za nepostojecim dolarima koje obecavaju sadasnje vlasti. Moramo da se oslonimo na sebe, na
svoje postenje i rad. Moramo da poslujemo sa prijateljima, a ne lopovima koji se trude da nas opljackaju kroz lazne ponude nepostojecim

Kada govore o potrebi za Donatorskom konferencijom, vlasti u Beogradu govore sa velikim zanosom. Ne plase se, medjutim, da ce
Jugoslavija da izgubi preko potrebni novac ako ne postupimo po naredjenju. Naprotiv, njihov strah dolazi od kazne koja ce da usledi ako
ne ispostuju naloge svojih gospodara iz Vasingtona. 

Jer Vasington nema prijatelje – samo buduce zrtve.

Vasington je Beogradu jasno rekao: Nema vise vremena. Predajte nam Milosevica. Predajte nam patriote iz Vojske Jugoslavije. Predajte
nam one koji su se borili protiv nas u Bosni i Hrvatskoj. Predajte ih ove sekunde. A onda nam predajte sve sto vredi truda unutar
Jugoslavije. Jer ako nam ne predate sve sto trazimo, umesto svih ovih stvari doci cemo po lidere DOS-a; doci cemo po vas. 


Carevo Novo Odelo mozete da citate ovde ili na http://emperors-clothes.com/serbo-croatian/indexsc.htm

Ako zelite da pomognete Carevom Novom Odelu, posaljite nam donaciju preko bezbednog kanala na
http://www.emperors-clothes.com/howyour.html. Vasim donacijama placamo troskove programa koji nam obezbedjuju potrebne
informacije. Svaka donacija, mala ili velika, je od velike pomoci. 

Cekove mozete da saljete postom na sledecu adresu:

Emperor’s Clothes, P.O. Box 610-321, Newton, MA 02461-0321. (USA)


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