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S. Oudman
   Hello from Holland,
Some students have been studying your country, I am one of them. We came to the conclusion that Slavs in
general still lack the leadership, the same problem as in the old ages. It is very disturbing to see that Slavs
let themselves be divided in Croats, Serbs and Montenegrins. According to objective history they all have
the same ancestor. The latter, Montenegrins clearly show that nationality is a political instrument and that
Montenegrins play a political game.
On one way the Balkans are pathetic. You let your country be destroyed and then you blame it on Milosevic
or Tudjman. It is very well known that man has its free will. There is alway's a choice and all the beautifull
lies and propaganda you guy's put on your page don;t matter. On our schools they teach the truth and most
students here will not be amazed if another civill war breaks out.
Maybe people in the Balkans should work like hounest people instead of smuggling cigarettes or being
bribed by the US. Your noble ancestours died for nothing and your young men will die for a lie. You country
will be ravaged and you names will be erased from the history books. Your social standards are low and
your morals, not to mention. And then the Montenegrin Orthodox church is the latest invention and it is even
worse the the most fanatical Muslim. We respect Muslims more then socalled Christian...
So gentelemen, I think you get the message. Write whatever you want. We are unlike you eastern people
more advanced and we are not afraid to the truth. What shame is there to be called a yugoslav or Serb in
your matter. Are you afraid that we will asociate you with mass graves etc etc?? Your state only contains
600.000 people and it is so divided. According to the latest BBC documentary the tribes in the highland
disagree and regards themselves as Serb, or Yugoslavs. According to some other polls most people in the
former Yugoslavia including Serbia, so the common man, wants to reunite and live in peace. According to
history Serbs and Croats are those with one father and two faiths.
Who are you? That is my question. Montenegrins do not exist. Our your father was a Serb, Turk, Albanian
or something else. But your historical documents according to Catholic and Byzantine sources state a very
different history then your website.
If your policy is to seperate from Serbia ok, understandeble. But please, you guy's are Serbs. You speak
the same language and the last names are the same. Yes, you even look a like.
So, by this time you are or pissed at me or something else. I on the other hand am tired of hearing of the
My advice is to be hounest and just seperate because yoúr economy will be better. YES, from my tax
money!!!! Otherwise accept that maybe you guys need to work for a democracy and not wait for us to bring
it. That is the difference between east and west. 
Are you willing to work for it? To do it the hounest way like all these ancestors of ours here?
You do not need to respond. Just for you to ponder. But if you respond, I expect an adult answer and no
barbaric propaganda.
With regards,
S. Oudman


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