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 Marko Djurovic
Re: Matija Beckovic Kucima 1, 2, 3, 4,

Dear Mr. Mihailovich,

for the first, historical part of you letter, there
are books that picture Montenegrin history not so
closed or identical to the Serbian as you presented
here. I would suggest reading dr. Rotkovic and dr. 
Zivkovic. I would like to give more comments on
your letter regarding the modern Montenegro.

Today, sometimes, it seems to mean "Srbozder". 
Tito and his  professional manipulators-historians 
royally ignored the concrete facts to  
reshape the montenegrin nation, following the official
instructions of the Komintern. 

I do not think that one who feels Montenegrin and do
 not feels Serb  automatically means he is anti-Serb.
The claim that Tito created Montenegrin nation is 
pretty common among (extreme) Serbs. Not many evidents
 they have provided. Why, for example he did not
 reshaped Herzegovina Serbs, or Vojvodina Serbs and 
turn them into a new nation? Whay he picked lucky us 
to make another nation? Why Montenegro as a separate
state have coexisted as a neighbour to Serbia for 
ceturies and never wanted to give away it's state 
except when forcefully annexed as in 1918?

No "Srbijanac" or every other serb intends to deny 
the specificity of montenegrin state tradition and
 spirit. But, think about it :  
don't you think a Serb from Prijepolje and a 
Montenegrin from Bijelo Polje  or even Cetinje look
 like each other much than a Serb from Subotica or  
Osijek and a Serb from Kragujevac or Vranje ?
Don't you think that a Montenegrin from the southern 
part of Montenegro is by mentality,look and the way of 
life closer to Dalmatian Croat than a Serb from Serbia?
I want to say that in the Balkans you cannot talk 
about a pure nation. We are very much intertwined no
 matter how hard some people tried to make ethnically
 pure regions or countries or nations. The 
multiethnicity and variety is an asset, isn't it?

Serbian unity is not a myth, or a manifestation of
 hegemony, middle-ages feelings. It is reality, 
vanishing unfortunately in some parts of Montenegro  
because of the marxist, anti-religious, anti-
spiritual, anti-serbian propaganda of LSCG and their
 tacit fellows.

Serbian unity, or a unity of any other nation 
including Montenegrin is not an evil by itself unless
leaves behind mass graves, burnt villages etc.
Montenegrin people had a choice to say what they are
in the last censuses. For some reasons, despite the
huge pressure from both Serbian and at that time
Montenegrin media, majority of them proudly said: "We
are Montenegrins". Even anti-marxist, anti-titoist,
religios, spiritual and Serbian propaganda did not
help. If you think that LSCG have such a big 
influence on the oppinion of majority of Montenegrins
that's quite a compliment for them.

Titism has been a real cancer for minds, that's why
 when the Serbs hold their flag, they are 
"ultranationalists", and when Montenegrins do the
 same  they are "young liberals dreaming about 
European integration". 

Titoism as a communist ideology is a cancer for a
 liberal mind, but not less evil than theories of
 extreme-nationalism, ethnic purity, hatred against
 other people, other religions, brute-force of a state.

When you independantists say that "Velikosrbi" are  
aggressive and primitive people, you should study Mgr
 Amfilohije's attitude.  He never pronounced a word 
against those who rejected their roots, and his  
links with each side are known.I think everyone should 
be let free to think the wahe wants. If a majority  
of Montenegrins prefered to leave the other Serbs, it
 would be their Choice.  

Ethnically Montenegrins have never ever
denied the right of some Montenegrins to feel or
declare as Serbs. They've never said that all 
Orthodox population of Montenegro are nationally 
Montenegrins. Look the other way round. Look only at
this board. Even you as probably more tolerant claim 
that all Montenegrins are Serbs. What prevents you 
from accepting the fact that most Montenegrins want to
be just Montenegrins, not Serbs. In my oppinion
Montenegro is large enough for both, even though it's
our native country. You obviously have several ones.

But for those who do not oppose modernity and Europe
to tradition and  self-affirmation, it would be a 

Actually, some people cannot marry Serbian tradition
with the belonging to the European culture. As for 
myself, my Montenegrin ethicity, and after all 
Montenegrin statehood is not in conflict with 
Mediterenian culture, at all. On the contrary.

For me, in particular, crnogorstvo as  
opposed to srpstvo is one of the dramas both Serbs and
 Montenegrins have  come through during this century.

Crnogorstvo should not be opposed to Srpstvo. They should coexist as
they have through the past centeries.
We are neighbours and friends after all.
If M. Beckovic is the Serbian greatest modern poet that's
something to do with the state of culture in Serbia
at this time rather than his exceptionallity. A great
poet must be a cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world,
his spirit must belong to the humanity rather than one
nation, if entire nation. One really great writer said
something like this: "Any man's death diminishes me 
because I am involved in mankind... Therefore never 
send to know for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for 



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