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Alexandre Mihailovitch
Re: Matija Beckovic Kucima 1, 2, 3

Matija Beckovic is probably the best serbian poet alive. When M. Rasovic 
says with a kind of disgust that "Srpstvo" has been imoorted in Montenegro, 
he must make humour. When he says that his "dioclean" ancestors ignored the 
serbian name, he ignores history. In fact, Stefan Vojisvlav, one of 
Dioclea's main princes,was refered as being a "Serb" by Byzantine sources 
(see Cedrenos for instance). He did not call himself a Montenegrin as this 
name appeared far later. Diocleans are Serbs in the Porphyrogenet studies, 
as in the history of the princess Alexia Commene. The people from the 
seaside are named "Serbs" in the famous concile in Spalato in 924 (see 
Franjo Racki's studies). The archbishop of Bar was named later "primas 
srpski" and not "primas crnogorski". In the XIIIth century, Stefan 
Prvovencani says that his father Nemanja was born in Ribnica, in the lands 
of his "grandparents" (dedovina)- The Raska family and the Zeta family were 
close parents. The Balsic brothers ruled the "serbian lands" in the XIVth 
century. The Crnojevic family considered themselves as the heirs of the 
Bishops Vasilije and Petar I Cetinjski speak in their history of Montenegro 
about the illyro-serb nation. Njegos wrote "Ogledalo Srpsko" and Kralj 
Nikola spoke about the Montenegrins as the best Serbs. His hymn Onamo 'namo 
ends like that : " Kad Srbin vis ne bude rob" and not as " Kad Crnogorac 
...". Take a look at Glas Crnogoraca from this time. It is full of mentions 
to the "sprsko pleme", "srpski narod". Marko Miljanov, the great hero and 
moral giant speaks about the "srpski mucenicki narod" when he visits Kosovo. 
Have these mischievous, nasty "grandserbs" invented all these facts ???
In the past, Crnogorac meant "the Spartiat Serb", the proud men who resisted 
the Turks. Today, sometimes, it seems to mean "Srbozder". Tito and his 
professional manipulators-historians royally ignored the concrete facts to 
reshape the montenegrin nation, following the official instructions of the 
Komintern. No "Srbijanac" or every other serb intends to deny the 
specificity of montenegrin state tradition and spirit. But, think about it : 
don't you think a Serb from Prijepolje and a Montenegrin from Bijelo Polje 
or even Cetinje look like each other much than a Serb from Subotica or 
Osijek and a Serb from Kragujevac or Vranje ?
Serbian unity is not a myth, or a manifestation of hegemony, middle-ages 
feelings. It is reality, vanishing unfortunately in some parts of Montenegro 
because of the marxist, anti-religious, anti-spiritual, anti-serbian 
propaganda of LSCG and their tacit fellows. How young people can stand with 
Kralj Nikola's flag and say "Napolje Srbi !", as Croats said "Napolje Vlasi 
!". Titism has been a real cancer for minds, that's why when the Serbs hold 
their flag, they are "ultranationalists", and when Montenegrins do the same 
they are "young liberals dreaming about European integration". Is it a 
balanced judgment ? When you independantists say that "Velikosrbi" are 
aggressive and primitive people, you should study Mgr Amfilohije's attitude. 
He never pronounced a word against those who rejected their roots, and his 
links with each side are known. On the contrary, M. Perovic is so unease 
that he feels the need top be involved in demonstrations where young 
children are trained to throw rocks on priests. Is it a civilized attitude ?
I think everyone should be let free to think the way he wants. If a majority 
of Montenegrins prefered to leave the other Serbs, it would be their Choice. 
But for those who do not oppose modernity and Europe to tradition and 
self-affirmation, it would be a pity.For me, in particular, crnogorstvo as 
opposed to srpstvo is one of the dramas both Serbs and Montenegrins have 
come through during this century.I am sure not to have convince you, but I 
hope we can stay good friends !

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