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Martin Butiric
Montonegrin Independence from Serbian hegemony

It is important that Montenegro maintain it freedom from Serbian hegemony.
All nations deserve the right to pursue their own freedom and independence.
It was unfortunate that you attacked Dubrovnik when you did.  Croatia never
attacked you or Serbia.  That is past and in future there should be good
relations between you, Croatia and the other FORMER republics of FRY.  Keep
an eye on Draskovic.  He is a snake in the grass.  On hoches puno novac i
snaga.  I am American born Hrvat my parents come from Trpanj on Peljesac.
Why can't all the people over there look to the future instead of raking the
ashes of the past looking for the embers of past differences?  Mr.
Djucanovic and your associates, I wish you well.  

    Marko Martin Butiric.

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